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Is a nonprofit organization founded in 2017 to transform communities in extreme poverty situations into sustainable communities. NPF is a charity dedicated to providing clean energy, water, and climate-friendly income generation solutions in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.


We develop innovative and sustainable solutions for people’s basic needs in the communities.

We provide sustainable likelihoods impacting the families in the communities intervened, especially women, youth, and children. Our pioneer way to undertake our projects has shaped the paths for becoming leaders in social innovation in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

About us - USA for Nature Powe Fundation
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Improve living conditions, empower people, and transform vulnerable communities into sustainable ones through innovative solutions using clean technologies.

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To be the leaders in creating and implementing innovative solutions for sustainable development.

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  • Social Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Solidarity
  • Teamwork
  • Empathy
  • Gratitude
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Since 2017 our strategic implementing partner, Nature Power Foundation in the Dominican Republic, has impacted 10,000 people living in poverty. Nature Power in the DR had mobilized resources from the private and public sector and international cooperation for more than 4 million dollars.

Our Strategic and Implementation Partner

In partnership with the Nature Power Foundation Dominican Republic, our team is compounded of passionate people who believe in the power of a community empowered and work every day to deliver our programs and projects to those in need.

Laura Rojas - Nature Power Fundation Dominican Republic
Laura Rojas - Nature Power Fundation Dominican Republic

Laura Rojas

CEO of Nature Power Foundation DR

Laura Rojas is the executive director of Nature Power Foundation.

Mrs. Rojas commitment and vocation of service to promote the social and economic development of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean led her to create the nonprofit Nature Power Foundation in 2017, as a social innovation, with the purpose of impacting rural communities in the Caribbean. Nature Power Foundation (NPF) has helped more than ten thousand people living under the poverty line in the Dominican Republic. 

Laura is a reference for leadership in climate change and community development programs in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Her leadership has helped build a bridge between people in need and a window of opportunities. 

Laura’s commitment to social change leads the NPF to develop public-private partnerships, thus, informing the public policy designers and the private sector about how to tackle the most pressing issues faced by the poorest communities.

Mrs. Rojas holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, a master’s degree in  Service Leadership and Innovation, and a Certification in Non-Profit Association Management and Community Development.

Nature Power Foundation Executive Leadership Team

  • Raquel Cueto, Partnership and Communication Director
  • Francisco Nuberg, Project Manager Director
  • Paola Linares, Project Coordinator
  • Jenniffer Encarnación, Financial Officer
  • Carlota Pessarrodona, Program Consultant
  • Jefferson Romero, Community Coordinator
  • Juan Domingo Boció, Community Coordinator
  • Arisleidy Aquino, Partnership and Fundraising Consultant

Board Member


Mr. Franklin Guerrero


Mr. Guerrero is a fundraising and nonprofit senior executive with vast experience in N.G.O. development, community projects, philanthropy, and fundraising.

Mr. Guerrero brings over twenty years of fundraising and nonprofit experience as Chief Development Officer with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and Project HOPE. Vice President for Major Gifts with Children International and Head of Leadership Giving at the U.S.A. for UNHCR. He currently is the Vice President of Philanthropic Services at the AARP Foundation.

Franklin holds degrees from the University of Sacred Heart in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Garrett Theological Seminary Located at Northwestern University Campus in Evanston, IL, and advanced certificates from Indiana University and The Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN. Certificates in Philanthropic Psychology at the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy in the UK. and the Advanced Leadership Development program AgL from AARP and the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.

Franklin serves as the chair of the Board of U.S.A. for Nature Power Foundation.

Mr. George Lindemann

Vice Chair

Mr. Lindemann is an American and international investor and philanthropist committed to helping communities improve their quality of life, expand opportunities to those in need, and protect natural resources.

Mr. Lindemann is an economist with an M.B.A. from the International Institute for Management Development. Mr. Lindemann has contributed to the nonprofit sector development as a donor, volunteer, leader, and board member.

His leadership positions include Director of Fourlin Memorial Foundation Inc., Director of Max Lindemann Memorial Fund III, Germany, Board Member USA for UNHCR (the U.N. Refugee Agency), and Board Member U.S.A. for Nature Power Foundation.


Mr. Daniel Phelan


Mr. Phelan is an American investor and philanthropist devoted to helping communities in poverty situations, especially in developing countries.

As a retired lawyer and business leader, he spends a great deal of time working with nonprofit organizations to help them better design missions and strategies and deliver high-impact outcomes.

Mr. Phelan serves as a board member for Project Hope, MARR, and Atlanta Mission. He has served on the boards of North Fulton Community Charities, World Water Relief, M.A.P. International, 410 Bridge, and the U.S.A. for UNHCR. Dan’s passion and interests include homelessness, mothers and children, and recovery.

Mr. Phelan is a board member of Project HOPE and the U.S.A. for Nature Power Foundation.


Mrs. Dulcy Hooper


Mrs. Hooper is an NGO expert and philanthropy advisor. Mrs. Hooper is dedicated to developing the nonprofit sector in the USA and international NGOs.

Mrs. Hooper possesses a degree in Sociology, with minors in Psychology and Political Science.

Mrs. Hooper has developed diverse roles as a board member in various nonprofit organizations, including the District of Columbia Corporate Volunteer Council, Member of Board of Directors, elected President, Board of Directors, Council on Workplace Volunteerism of the Points of Light Foundation Member of Advisory Board, Lawyers for Children, Co-founder, and District of Columbia Bar Peer Mediation Project, Member of the steering committee.

Currently, Mrs. Hooper is Fundraising Advisor for AARP Foundation and Board Member USA for Nature Power Foundation

Our supporters or cooperating partners

We are honored to work in partnership with relevant organizations in the public and private sector, and international cooperation in the Dominican Republic.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to work hand-in-hand with the community and build sustainable projects from the community perspective, to empower them to achieve our ultimate goal: meet their basic needs and break the poverty cycle.

Financial Accountability

For each dollar donated to USA for Nature Power Foundation, 97 cents is destinated to help communities thrive.

We used 97% of our total operating expenses for our programs to benefit families, children, and rural communities in need, and 3% to management, fundraising and general.

Our latest Form 990 nonprofit tax report shows our expenses and income.


Our strategic implementing partner the
Nature Power Foundation DR’s

Annual Report

5 years transforming vulnerable communities
into sustainable ones.